Final Product – Final Independent Project

All the research and tutorials had their own influence on my FIP and for the unique reason I liked the frame freeze idea and then the 3D environment. With my FIP I really wanted to come with something new and not just use my old work/footage. I wanted to learn more of 3D ojbects work with VFX applied to it, but it wasn’t a good option at all and the idea was costing a lot of resources, as well didn’t have enough topics of such work in this module.

I did many test projects and finally got myself ready for the final project – lots of video shooting and as well finding the right way and trick. It is not only computer magic to do everything but still the filming and camera trick in real world is part of playing VFX with actual in camera tricks to manipulate the idea and generate something mix of both VFX and traditional cinema techniques.

In this project I simply asked my actor to throw her business cards but after throwing them away should stay in freeze moment and not move – and decide the film her with an hand held camera move and go around – it did an angle change and from the front came to the side of her, you can do a total 360 degree turn but that depends how much of space you have and the right environment for the camera 3D tracking. After this stage I did a frame freeze, and then split it the same layer to another – I took the part where the cards fell down and then manipulated the footage that it looks frozen with a 3D effect.

Once the frame freeze was done then I used camera tracker to create Null 3D object/space points and chose some three points as my 3D space and then created to extra layers, one for the virtual/3D camera and the other for null object where that will be linked to the cards composition. Then created a new composition where I change my 2D design back and front of the cards into a 3D object and attached them to one anchor point where by changing X,Y positions it will float in the 3D space – I took the pictures of the card, or you can simply scan them if you dont have a camera. Once everything was done accordingly in AE then I imported the video into Adobe Premier and their I did some more editing to make it look more realistic and added some effects to it.








Untitled-4.fw Untitled-5.fwUntitled-1.fw



Untitled-9.fw Untitled-10.fw Untitled-11.fw











Project Downloadable File


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