Card Freeze – Practice & Test Project

After looking at the examples and tutorials I did a test project and this project was a bit of difficult to get on my head around the actual out come of the result. Once I learned how to do the camera tracking and selecting the accurate points for the 3D space I managed to produce a very basic card freeze test video.

In this test example I followed all convention tricks and tutorials to generate, basically I filmed myself first where the camera goes around me and I throw the cards, after throwing the cards I stay calm and freeze it is the actor doing the freeze acting because this is the cheapest way others are ways and methods are expensive like Matrix where they have used plenty DSLR cameras. Once the cards were thrown I imported the footage to AE then while dropping the card I used frame remapping. Once I completed this stage I worked around producing the 3D space/object for the card and applied the information from the camera tracking and while camera points move the 3D object which is the card will be changing angle and move position accordingly – Though this test project is very basic and very noticeable of the sense of realism and to avoid that we will need more precision and professional post production.



Untitled-1.fw Untitled-2.fw Untitled-3.fw Untitled-4.fw Untitled-5.fw Untitled-6.fw Untitled-7.fw














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