Fire Beam – Example 1

Fire beam finger uses mocha tracking and it is very simple but only tricky part is to have tracking points on your finger but it is not ncessciery it is just to have accurate point to attach the end and start of the beam to the fingers. The beam is widely seen in space and Si Fi films and they all have used this to make weapons effect but they are generated on high and powerful machines that actually can process it for their purpose. After following all those steps and using mocha I was able to connect the start and end of the beam on two fingers but the same trick can apply to connect more fingers to each other like three and more fingers as shown in the previous post of mine.


A step by step:

1. Mocha tracking is what you need.

2. Get tracking points on your finger, and for this I did a bit of DIY just used a marker pen to make dots on my fingers.

3. Then simply tracked the points – just make sure you track them separately

4. Export the tracking data and apply them to their layers

5. Make sure you have the starting and ending points are on it’s layer – A beam layer is important to generate and should be on the top of other layers.

Untitled-3 Untitled-2 Untitled-1 firebeam_finger






The video result


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