Latest developments within CGI – Real Time CGI

I was a little bit surprised when I accidentally bumped into Real Time CGI. Would this mean that the typical postproduction of CGI be moved forward towards production?
If this would be possible, then it might not only save time in postproduction, but it will bring back the effects in front of the camera, on set and with the actors.

One of the impressive videos I watched was of Nobumichi Asai, using Omote projection technology. Omote is the Japanese word for face or mask. This is a system that combines motion tracking and projection mapping on a real time moving object. Something new and never done before. In this case a human face with what you can call digital make-up.

Real Time Face Tracking and Project Mapping

It is unclear what this real time 3D graphics would mean for the whole film making process. It might open doors of possibilities and creativity within production, where computers track elements and move the around with the actors, while you are shooting. Nothing about the techniques behind it has been revealed yet, but it is definitely and interesting development to keep an eye on.

Interesting reads:

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Omote, Real Time Face tracking and Project Mapping




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