Final Project – Mocha (Junk Food)

In my final project I decided to work with one, two or more layers of tracking and work on something decent. I have been testing and been doing many experiments, with pervious two posts they are experiments and I have demonstrated a good example of mocha tracking. I have followed same sets of rules and convention for track motion of the footages, and in my final project I have step by step print screens too.

The other day I was in Bentalls and myself not a big fund of Junkie food, mainly looking at fast foods and I was thinking of why not work around that example, change McDonald to something different, changing the text, logo and also some other elements inside Bentalls. I could have gone extreme and complicated but I kept it according to assignment and also to what I have actually learnt till now with mocha experiments.

In my final project I have worked with at least two layers of tracking, involved some Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premier and also some effects to blind in and make it look good, with a bit of music and sound effects at the start of the video.

Things I have changed in this video

1. McDonalds text to Junk Food ( I came with many funky styles but then later I kept it simple) – Added neon look and glow, to make it look it is lighted from the back and attached to the front.

2. Logo I just kept it 2D – As I don’t know much of 3D text tracking and less idea of tracking camera move with a 3D object in AE, I know there are ways but in this project I didn’t have the space, maybe in some of the posts I will show some of the 3D tries I made. Added neon type of effects, glow and again worked around brightness and contrast.

3. Removing a printed billboard to a TV – A text appears after the camera pans toward the right, where to girls sitting. I have technically worked around Brightness and contrast to make the screen dim, so that way I can create more real look.

Tracking, Designing and Export Stage –

Adobe Premier & Extra Editing

Final Product

As always I have my own youtube channel to upload my final projects. I can also provide a download link to the export version incase if needed (as my dropbox). Here I have embed the video youtube player version.


There might be few steps missing during the work progress or developing stages. It is not that I missed just developing and being focused we forget to print screen them, and using windows doing the print screen trick and pasting in a software is just another long process. I have kept a log of developing my project and those main parts of the work. It is always easy with Mac to just click and get a final file at your desktop location.