Mocha Tracking Experiment Failed 3D

In this specific example or experiment I was trying to learn how to work around with 3D objects. I managed to learn how to create 3D cube, and also how to create 3D text within After Effect rather than using plugins. It is quite amazing to know how to use virtual camera to create that geometric space and finally animating those 3D objects with position X,Y information.

Though the example and the work in this session was only to find out my way and learn how things work if 3D object is implemented the quality, final product was not meant to be the best and very accurate. Though I know how things work at this stage, the only problem was my slow laptop and the rendering process for 3D objects. Simply the logic is if I want to change the position and angle of a 3D object according to my mocha tracking, I only need to apply position x, y changes from mocha, not everything.  In this examples it is not about the camera movement and or more in depth about mocha but only to work a flat and put objects together.

Progress Stage


Final Product Video

I would see this example as a failure, but I configured lots of new things and working around with 3D objects while implementing mocha tracking.