Breakdown Example

Looking back to VFX films and breakdowns of them, and the thoughts by film makers it was pretty clear that they always used VFX only when making visual effects only films, but that era has gone now. The technology has changed everything in cinema and now it is part of the cinema, and part of making films, with VFX and tracking motion, or mocha tracking we can create an environment or stage a computer made scene that actually convince the audience it is real, and film makers now use VFX to create even day to day life environment scenes not visual effects feature films.

In this example we can see during a night scene how they maintained to create that authenticity which actually make us think nothing is faked in the shot.

Night Scene 1

Night Scene 2

Night Scene 3

Night Scene 4


2nd example


3rd example of breakdown

Breakdown Breakdown Breakdown Breakdown Breakdown



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