Mini Me – Test shot in College

To get on and start with my idea and see what work process is like, I capture mini cooper car photo on my laptop at home with the idea in my mind that I will be mini in front of the toy, most likely influenced with the toy story movie, and also small soldiers. It was back in the days when I was playing games in computers, and was always fascinated by the mini soldiers characters around in a house and other tools and props used to look huge, for example book, spoons, and cups.

In this test shot the background which was captured with DSLR camera and 50mm lens, it has very strong strong and deep depth of field which is good only if it is production demonstration but not for a green screen, it is ideal to have everything in focus. Again I have to mention that it was only to generate the idea and for working process purposes.

Andy and I suggested to appear from behind the tyre of the car and hide back, it was all great experience to film against the green screen while you have no idea where to stop and where to turn and how not to cross the boundaries. I think acting was another issue, that really needs for talent and so far I am not a good actor anyway never will get into drama school, incase if I do I will fail, for SURE.

I have attached the working process of our test shot, and at the bottom of this article I have also attached the final rendered test  video.

Video Shot


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