Mini Me Project – Video Finalised

In this post I have attached both rendered videos of the project. I used my youtube to upload both videos there, as I could not upload them to WordPress.

With environment sound


Without Sound



To start with a project like this is easy as long as the space and the green screen is practical for it. I had to keep my concept to a minimum expectation and level of creativity. I created/film all the footages myself, from background to mini me (foreground). The process is quite easy but definitely being precise is what makes it look real shot and a believable final product. In fact insisting on industry level there is a lot involved and the final result looks a lot real, they don’t only use green screen but a lot post production and CGI involved to transform their work. Working on this mini me project I actually have built the confidence of making better and industry level green screen projects for music videos, it was first time to start working around with Adobe After Effect and learning a lot with new tricks of masking, as I wondered how to remove the extra bits from the the video, and only keep the subject, via masking pen tool. So far this work is better than what I thought to achieve at first day, but spending more time and working on it made it look better. I had a bit of colour correction problem, I tried to best to keep the colour match the whole video, but sometime monitors calibration or sense of being a good colour grader is difficult. Developing new skills with this project have added to my main skills that I am ready to jump to semi-professional level of working around with green screen – I still need to work with grey curtain/ring chroma key which is now a days very much used in industry and that I haven’t used. I worked around with producing two version of the final product – one with sound and one without sound. Overall with all the equipment and environment provided to a starter project I am happy with what I have achieved something on my own , with being the first time using green screen and adobe after effects.


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