Mini Me Project – Idea & Research

With this project I decided to create a mini me and capture a video shot of 20 seconds of my laptop in the background playing moving image/movie and then the walkie talkie, where I appear behind the walkie talkie while it receives a call and I look at it while it receives signal and then run away/hide behind it. It is though simple idea no much of creativity involved but the whole point is to show the process of the work.

When I started my first test shot and project in college, it was clear that depth of field with the background photo/video was highly noticeable and it is very much suggested to avoid a strong depth of field while doing such ideas and projects, and the depth of field can be created later in After Affects. The main point is that if you we film our subject against a green screen it means it will be well focused and sharp and to the same amount of sharpness is needed for the background so the foreground, background and our desired subject give sense of more realism. It is all about tweaking and working around with settings to get it right and to blend the subject with the location/background. In my research I came with other ideas of being more outdoor and do some other stuff, like people walking in the public and I be around and walk but then we are a bit limited with college green screen, as we can only make few steps.

Developing and working on this project was fun and also I used different affects and settings to get close and to blend in with actual background, I rendered two version of the video. One with sound and one without the sound, it is only the normal environment sound that is recorded through DSRL camera canon 550D and it is not a great quality.

I used keying affect/plugin to remove the green background and the pen tool to create masking for the areas that are not need, and also I used a copy of the subject layer to create shadow, used capacity option to lessen the visibility and also flipped the layer so that will make it appear in the right direction. I also used saturation to de-colorize the shadow into a greyish style. I couldn’t find the tool how to apply gradient shadow affect, but I think so far was not need as I needed for the test project.

Green screens can be very tricky, as I noticed that it can’t be done where professional lighting and equipment and background is not available, or maybe it will not be achievable for developing high quality videos. I still needs to work around get myself educated with using points on green screen, and how to make them useful in After affect, and how those points will be follow virtual cameras. Overall this project was interesting to start with very basic of green screen and developing process.

Here is the steps/print screens of my work.

sc8 sc7 sc6 sc5 sc4 sc3 sc2 sc1


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